RESIDCO is a transportation capital equipment asset manager. We provide joint ventures, portfolio marketing, syndication, lease structuring, acquisition, equipment management and remarketing services to lessors and the alternative investment marketplace. Users of aircraft and railroad equipment benefit from RESIDCO’s leasing, trading, structuring, logistic and related services.

RESIDCO’s motto is: “Honesty and Equitable Dealing"

RESIDCO specializes in the sale, lease, and finance of transportation equipment. This field demands a unique combination of disciplines and skills: remarketing, equity financing and debt financing, joint ventures, leasing, and most importantly, expertise in transportation equipment market values. Equity sources interested in alternative investments seek out our expertise in these long lived transportation leasing asset classes for rail and aviation. RESIDCO’s skills and financial capacity enable it to serve as an alternative investment management provider. RESIDCO’s professionals have closed well over a billion dollars of transactions involving commercial aircraft, railcars and locomotives.

RESIDCO is known for creatively structuring and successfully managing asset risk involving railcar financing and aviation financing for our clients. The combination of specific and current asset knowledge with debt financing and equity financing creates a differentiation for RESIDCO that is uncommon in the well-populated financial services and transportation capital industries.

RESIDCO has held positions in numerous commercial aircraft and aircraft engines. We have arranged residual value insurance on over 60,000 freight cars and have invested in thousands of freight cars of all types as well as numerous locomotives. RESIDCO has managed large pools of freight cars locomotives and aircraft for lessors. We utilize our own proprietary analytical models, as well as the leasing industry's packaged models, in structuring and valuing investments. RESIDCO maintains and develops proprietary databases as well as proprietary tools for insight mining of industry databases.

RESIDCO is a member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (“ELFA”) and the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (“ISTAT”).

RESIDCO’s size and wholesale capability is a competitive advantage. It can respond quickly and flexibly to ever changing market conditions. We have proven our effectiveness as both an intermediary and as a principal. Hard work enables our corporation to optimize the value of being a lean organization. Through its resourcefulness and integrity, RESIDCO has earned the respect of large financial institutions and major transportation equipment lessees.