RESIDCO is a highly experienced and sophisticated rail investor, providing value to our Lessee’s through both net and full service operating leases. RESIDCO started 30 years ago syndicating and remarketing assets for financial institutions toward and at the end of long term leveraged leases. We have since grown to become our own thriving operating lease business. One can attribute our expanding inner market presence to a  dedication to quality assets, our nimble documentation professionals, end user market knowledge, extensive asset expertise, relationships with financial institutions and the care & nurturing of lessee relationships. 


One of RESIDCO’s rail strength’s is our willingness to take a wide variety of positions in rail car types to serve our customers. We have remarketed, syndicated or invested in thousands of freight cars representing every major car type since we began in 1982. Over 4000 railcars presently comprise our fleet in numerous car types. Our fleet includes: small, medium and high cube Covered Hoppers for grain, plastics and other commodities; low and hi sided steel Gondolas; 286K high capacity Coal Hoppers and Gondolas; as well as a wide variety of General Purpose Tank Cars & Tank Cars for Acid service.


RESIDCO has invested in and remarketed hundreds of locomotives over three decades. We have expertise in both the Four and Six Axle Locomotive marketplaces. Without proper expertise, navigating the locomotive marketplace is arduous. RESIDCO has the expertise to acquire assets, manage rebuild projects to customer specifications, and provide a lease structures that best fit the needs of our lessees. Our current fleet is comprised of numerous locomotive types, including GP-38-2’s, MP-15’s and SD-40-2 locomotives. 

RESIDCO – A Sophisticated Metal Player

There are many different types of leasing companies in the rail industry. Few are true “metal” players like RESIDCO. Our skill and willingness to acquire freight cars and locomotives not subject to lease  sets us apart. We work diligently to place such available assets using our knowledge of the inner lessee marketplace and thereby provide value added to the industry.